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3rd Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Algorithms

9 - Symmetry at the Genotypic Level and the Simple Inversion Operator
Cristian Munteanu, Agostinho Rosa

20 - A Genetic Programming Approach to the Generation of Hyper-Heuristics for the Uncapacitated Examination Timetabling Problem
Nelishia Pillay, Wolfgang Banzhaf

31- Evolving Finite Acceptors for Regular Languages
Amashini Naidoo, Nelishia Pillay

46- Asynchronous Stochastic Dynamics and the Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Carlos Grilo, Luis Correia

56- Using PBIL for Solving a Real-World Frequency Assignment Problem in GSM Networks
David Dominguez-González, Jose Chaves-González, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

73 - Defining the Best Parameters in a Differential Evolution Algorithm for Location Area Problem in Mobile Networks
Sónia Almeida-Luz, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

82- Evolutionary Search for Cellular Automata in the Parity Problem: Variations in Rule Evaluation Methods
Paulo Sérgio Silva, Pedro Paulo de Oliveira

92 - Neural Network Classifier Design Using the Evolutionary ANNE Algorithm
Marco Castellani, Nuno Cavalheiro Marques

103 - Towards Representation of Rhythm in Genetic Algorithm
Martin Dostal

117 - Omni-directional RND Optimisation using Differential Evolution: In-depth Analysis via High Throughput Computing
Silvio Mendes, Patrício Domingues, David Pereira, Renato Vale, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Luis Silva, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

151 - Improving Evolutionary Algorithms with Scouting
Konstantinos Bousmalis, Gillian Hayes, Jeffrey Pfaffmann

162 - An Evolutionary Algorithm for Skyline-Join Query Optimization
Fabiola Di Bartolo, Marlene Gonçalves, Ivette Martinez, Francelice Sardá

196 - Stochastic Barycenters and Beta Distribution for Gaussian Particle Swarms
Rui Mendes, James Kennedy

202 - HeRoN: a computational model of gene regulatory networks
Ângela Gonçalves, Ernesto Costa

215- Exploiting Second Order Information in Computational Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization
Pradyumn Shukla

223 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation of the Immune System: a Review
Nuno Fachada, Vitor Lopes, Agostinho Rosa

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