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Workshop on General Artificial Intelligence


11:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: José Neves

105 - Gödel and Computability
Luis Moniz Pereira

159 - Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support System for Bridges Structures Behavior Prediction
Hélder Quintela, Manuel Santos, Paulo Cortez

144 - Modelling Morality with Prospective Logic
Luis Moniz Pereira, Ari Saptawijaya

14:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: Manuel Santos

29 - Optimal Brain Surgeon for General Dynamic Neural Networks
Christian Endisch, Christoph Hackl, Dierk Schrder

208 - Two puzzles concerning measures of uncertainty and the positive Boolean connectives
Gregory Wheeler

179 -Compositional Semantics Grounded in Commonsense Metaphysics
Walid Saba

130 - Rank Ensemble Features for Constructive Induction
Carlos Ferreira, João Gama

17:00 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: Pedro Henriques

4 - Towards an Evolutionary Epistemology
Luis Moniz Pereira

134 - Exploring different strategies for the automatic generation of song lyrics with Tra-la-Lyrics
Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Amílcar Cardoso, Francisco Pereira

122 - Prospective Logic Agents
Luis Moniz Pereira, Gonçalo Lopes

169- Temporal Annotations for a Contextual Logic Programming Language
Vitor Nogueira, Salvador Abreu


10:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: José Machado

101 -Relaxing Feature Selection in Spam Filtering by using Case-Based Reasoning Systems
José Méndez Reboredo, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Daniel Glez-Peña, Fernando Díaz, Juan Corchado

163 - Semi-Fuzzy Splitting in Online Divisive-Agglomerative Clustering
Pedro Rodrigues, Joao Gama

95 - Application of Logic Wrappers to Hierarchical Data Extraction from HTML
Amelia Badica, Costin Badica, Elvira Popescu

30 -Implementation of Suspension-Based Tabling in Prolog using External Primitives
Ricardo Rocha, Cláudio Caldas, Ricardo Lopes

150- Change Detection in Learning Histograms from Data Streams
Raquel Sebastião, João Gama

14:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: Victor Alves

123- An Iterative Process for Building Learning Curves and Predicting Relative Performance of Classifiers
Rui Leite, Pavel Brazdil

156 - Examining Syntactic Constructions for Verb Meaning Acquisition
Mário Machado, Aline Villavicencio

185 -The Halt Condition in Genetic Programming
José Neves, José Machado, Cesar Analide, António Abelha, Luís Brito

193 - The Emergence of Bipolar State Spaces in Embodied Neural Agents with Proprioception
Jorge Simão

126 - Cluster-based novelty detection with dynamic adaptation of the number of clusters
Eduardo Spinosa, André Carvalho, João Gama

17:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: Luis Antunes

188- Composition and Decomposition of Ontologies
Dora Simões, Hugo Ferreira, António Soares

182 - Combinations of Domain Enhancing Macro-Actions in Planning
Muhammad Newton, John Levine

176 - On the Use of Rough Sets for User Authentication via Keystroke Dynamics
Kenneth Revett, Sérgio de Magalhães, Henrique Santos


10:30 Parallel sessions

Room 1: GAIW
Chair: Rui Mendes

80 -Temporal Pattern Mining Using a Time Ontology
Cláudia Antunes

173 - A Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Analysis and Retrieval Framework
Zia Ul Qayyum, A.G. Cohn

149 - A Computer System to Control Affective Content in Music Production
António Oliveira, Amílcar Cardoso

84 - Answer-Set Programming based Dynamic User Modeling for Recommender Systems
João Leite, Manoela Ilic

24 -Towards Tractable Local Closed World Reasoning for the Semantic Web
Matthias Knorr, Jose Alferes, Pascal Hitzler

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