Workshop on General Artificial Intelligence

4 - Towards an Evolutionary Epistemology
Luis Moniz Pereira

24 -Towards Tractable Local Closed World Reasoning for the Semantic Web
Matthias Knorr, Jose Alferes, Pascal Hitzler

29 - Optimal Brain Surgeon for General Dynamic Neural Networks
Christian Endisch, Christoph Hackl, Dierk Schrder

30 -Implementation of Suspension-Based Tabling in Prolog using External Primitives
Ricardo Rocha, Cláudio Caldas, Ricardo Lopes

80 -Temporal Pattern Mining Using a Time Ontology
Cláudia Antunes

84 - Answer-Set Programming based Dynamic User Modeling for Recommender Systems
João Leite, Manoela Ilic

95- Application of Logic Wrappers to Hierarchical Data Extraction from HTML
Amelia Badica, Costin Badica, Elvira Popescu

101 -Relaxing Feature Selection in Spam Filtering by using Case-Based Reasoning Systems
José Méndez Reboredo, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Daniel Glez-Peña, Fernando Díaz, Juan Corchado

105 - Gödel and Computability
Luis Moniz Pereira

122 - Prospective Logic Agents
Luis Moniz Pereira, Gonçalo Lopes

123- An Iterative Process for Building Learning Curves and Predicting Relative Performance of Classifiers
Rui Leite, Pavel Brazdil

126 - Cluster-based novelty detection with dynamic adaptation of the number of clusters
Eduardo Spinosa, André Carvalho, João Gama

130- Rank Ensemble Features for Constructive Induction
Carlos Ferreira, João Gama

134 - Exploring different strategies for the automatic generation of song lyrics with Tra-la-Lyrics
Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Amílcar Cardoso, Francisco Pereira

144 - Modelling Morality with Prospective Logic
Luis Moniz Pereira, Ari Saptawijaya

150- Change Detection in Learning Histograms from Data Streams
Raquel Sebastião, João Gama

156 - Examining Syntactic Constructions for Verb Meaning Acquisition
Mário Machado, Aline Villavicencio

159 - Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support System for Bridges Structures Behavior Prediction
Hélder Quintela, Manuel Santos, Paulo Cortez

163 - Semi-Fuzzy Splitting in Online Divisive-Agglomerative Clustering
Pedro Rodrigues, Joao Gama

169- Temporal Annotations for a Contextual Logic Programming Language
Vitor Nogueira, Salvador Abreu

176 - On the Use of Rough Sets for User Authentication via Keystroke Dynamics
Kenneth Revett, Sérgio de Magalhães, Henrique Santos

179 -Compositional Semantics Grounded in Commonsense Metaphysics
Walid Saba

149- A Computer System to Control Affective Content in Music Production
António Oliveira, Amílcar Cardoso

173- A Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Analysis and Retrieval Framework
Zia Ul Qayyum, A.G. Cohn

182 - Combinations of Domain Enhancing Macro-Actions in Planning
Muhammad Newton, John Levine

185 -The Halt Condition in Genetic Programming
José Neves, José Machado, Cesar Analide, António Abelha, Luís Brito

188- Composition and Decomposition of Ontologies
Dora Simões, Hugo Ferreira, António Soares

193 - The Emergence of Bipolar State Spaces in Embodied Neural Agents with Proprioception
Jorge Simão

208 - Two puzzles concerning measures of uncertainty and the positive Boolean connectives
Gregory Wheeler

Workshop on AI Applications for Sustainable Transportation Systems

47 - Agent Activity-Rescheduling Decisions Under Unexpected Events
Linda Nijland, Theo Arentze, Aloys Borgers, Harry Timmermans

152 - Nonlinear Models for Determining Mode Choice - Accuracy is not always the optimal goal
Elke Moons, Geert Wets, Marc Aerts

209 - Towards a specification of a framework for sustainable transportation analysis
Rosaldo Rossetti, Eugénio Oliveira, Ana Bazzan

217 – Learning versus Adaptation in Games with Many Co-Evolving Agents
Ana Bazzan, Franziska Klugl, Kai Nagel

3rd Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Algorithms

9 - Symmetry at the Genotypic Level and the Simple Inversion Operator
Cristian Munteanu, Agostinho Rosa

20 - A Genetic Programming Approach to the Generation of Hyper-Heuristics for the Uncapacitated Examination Timetabling Problem
Nelishia Pillay, Wolfgang Banzhaf

31- Evolving Finite Acceptors for Regular Languages
Amashini Naidoo, Nelishia Pillay

46- Asynchronous Stochastic Dynamics and the Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Carlos Grilo, Luis Correia

56- Using PBIL for Solving a Real-World Frequency Assignment Problem in GSM Networks
David Dominguez-González, Jose Chaves-González, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

73 - Defining the Best Parameters in a Differential Evolution Algorithm for Location Area Problem in Mobile Networks
Sónia Almeida-Luz, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

82- Evolutionary Search for Cellular Automata in the Parity Problem: Variations in Rule Evaluation Methods
Paulo Sérgio Silva, Pedro Paulo de Oliveira

92 - Neural Network Classifier Design Using the Evolutionary ANNE Algorithm
Marco Castellani, Nuno Cavalheiro Marques

103 - Towards Representation of Rhythm in Genetic Algorithm
Martin Dostal

117 - Omni-directional RND Optimisation using Differential Evolution: In-depth Analysis via High Throughput Computing
Silvio Mendes, Patrício Domingues, David Pereira, Renato Vale, Juan Gómez-Pulido, Luis Silva, Miguel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan Sánchez-Pérez

151 - Improving Evolutionary Algorithms with Scouting
Konstantinos Bousmalis, Gillian Hayes, Jeffrey Pfaffmann

162 - An Evolutionary Algorithm for Skyline-Join Query Optimization
Fabiola Di Bartolo, Marlene Gonçalves, Ivette Martinez, Francelice Sardá

196 - Stochastic Barycenters and Beta Distribution for Gaussian Particle Swarms
Rui Mendes, James Kennedy

202 - HeRoN: a computational model of gene regulatory networks
Ângela Gonçalves, Ernesto Costa

215- Exploiting Second Order Information in Computational Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization
Pradyumn Shukla

223 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation of the Immune System: a Review
Nuno Fachada, Vitor Lopes, Agostinho Rosa

Workshop on Ambient Intelligence Technologies and Applications

88 - Proactive Scheduling for Situated Displays
Fernando Ribeiro, Rui José

99 - Ambient Intelligence – a State of the Art from Artificial Intelligence perspective
Carlos Ramos

107 - Ubiquitous Ambient Intelligence in a Flight Decision Assistance System
Nuno Gomes, Carlos Ramos, Cristiano Pereira, Francisco Nunes

133 - Context Awareness using Scalable Intelligence in the Dynamic Scheduling of Manufacturing Tasks
José Avelino Marinho, Carlos Ramos, José Paulo Oliveira

136 - Ambient Intelligence in Group Decision Making: A Look to the Future
Ricardo Santos, Goreti Marreiros, Carlos Ramos, José Neves, José Bulas-Cruz

166 - Argumentation-based Decision Making in Ambient Intelligence Environments
Goreti Marreiros, Ricardo Santos, Paulo Novais, José Machado, Carlos Ramos, José Neves, José Bulas-Cruz

174 - Hardware and Software in Smart Decision Rooms
Carlos Freitas, Goreti Marreiros, Ricardo Santos, Carlos Ramos

184 - Intelligent Mixed Reality for the creation of Ambient Assisted Living
Ricardo Costa, José Neves, Paulo Novais, José Machado, Luís Lima, Carlos Alberto

205 - Medical Imaging Environment – A Multi-Agent System for a Computer Clustering based Multi-Display
Victor Alves, Filipe Marreiros, Luís Nelas, Mourylise Heymer, José Neves

2nd Workshop on Building and Applying Ontologies for the Semantic Web

97 - Partial and Dynamic Ontology Mapping Model in Dialogs of Agents
Ademir Freddo, Robison Brito, Gustavo Gimenez-Lugo, Cesar Tacla

141- Using Ontologies for Software Development Knowledge Reuse
Bruno Antunes, Nuno Seco, Paulo Gomes

146 - Topic Maps Constraint Languages: understanding and comparing
Giovani Librelotto, Renato Azevedo, José Ramalho, Pedro Henriques

192 - Detailed Ontologies and Text Classification: A Promising Union
Eunice Palmeira, Fred Freitas

199 - Community Knowledge Sharing: issues on the use of ontologies
Hugo Ferreira, António Soares

Workshop on Business Intelligence

7- A Comparative Study of Corporate Credit Rating Prediction Models
Tianyi Jiang, Yun Ye, Shufen Liu

37 - Analysis of the day-of-the-week anomaly for the case of emerging stock market
Virgilijus Sakalauskas, Dalia Kriksciuniene

48 - A Metamorphosis Algorithm for the Optimization of a Multi-Node OLAP System
Jorge Loureiro, Orlando Belo

65- Experiments for the number of clusters in K-Means
Mark Ming-Tso Chiang, Boris Mirkin

68 - A data mining approach for territorial watch
Sylvie Chalaye, Christine Largeron

81- Detecting Telecommunications Fraud based on Signature Clustering Analysis
Pedro Ferreira, Ronnie Alves, Orlando Belo, Joel Ribeiro

128 - A Study of Imbalanced Datasets with Class Overlap
Emerson Machado, Marcelo Ladeira

129 - A Network Algorithm to Discover Sequential Patterns
Luis Cavique

137 - Decisional System Modelling: A Methodological Framework To Help in Decisional System designing
Ophélie Gomes, Catherine Combes, Alain Dussauchoy

140 - SAID: A Business Intelligent Tool based on Open Source
Pedro Lopes, João Santos, Paulo Gomes, Marco Vieira, Luis Cortesão

154 - Adaptive Decision Support for Intensive Care
Pedro Gago, Álvaro Silva, Manuel Santos

164 - Mining first-order frequent patterns in e-commerce data
Martin Vecera, Luboš Popelínský, Jan Blaták

177 - A tool for interactive Subgroup Discovery using Distribution Rules
Joel Lucas, Alípio Jorge, Fernando Pereira, Ana Pernas, Amauri Machado

183 - A Data Warehouse for Web Intelligence
Marcos Domingues, Alípio Jorge, Carlos Soares, José Paulo Leal, Pedro Machado

186 - Quantitative Evaluation of Clusterings for Marketing Applications: a Web Portal Case Study
Carmen Rebelo, Pedro Quelhas Brito, Carlos Soares, Alípio Jorge, Rui Brandão

194 - A Hybrid Parallel SOM Algorithm for Large Maps in Data-Mining
Bruno Silva, Nuno Cavalheiro Marques

201 - A Data Mining Approach to Predict Forest Fires using Meteorological Data
Paulo Cortez, Anibal Morais

216 - Resource-bounded Fraud Detection
Luis Torgo

Workshop on Computational Methods in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

23 - Mining Protein Structure Data
José Santos, Pedro Barahona, Ludwig Krippahl

4 - System Stability via Stepping Optimal Control: Theory & Applications
Binhua Tang, Li He, Sushing Chen, Bairong Shen

90 - An Ontology-Based Approach To Systems Biology Literature Retrieval and Processing
Anália Lourenço, Alberto Simões, José Almeida, Miguel Rocha, Isabel Rocha, Eugénio Ferreira

93 - Visual Attention in Embodied RR-ANN without Learning
Jorge Simão, Raquel Abreu

96- Evaluating Simulated Annealing Algorithms in the Optimization of Bacterial Strains
Miguel Rocha, Rui Mendes, Paulo Maia, José Pinto, Isabel Rocha, Eugénio Ferreira

108 - Feature Extraction from Tumor Gene Expression Profiles Using DCT and DFT
Shulin Wang, Huowang Chen, Shutao Li, Dingxing Zhang

145 - A low resolution model for protein structure prediction from NMR data
Olivier Perriquet, Marco Correia, Pedro Barahona, Ludwig Krippahl

2nd Workshop on Intelligent Robotics

16 - An Omnidirectional Vision System for Soccer Robots
António J. R. Neves, Gustavo Corrente, Armando Pinho

61 - Building a Robotic Eye and Eyelid for Human-Robot Interaction
Javier Mateo, Fidel Aznar, Mireia Sempere, Mar Pujol, Ramón Rizo

63 - Generalization and Transfer Learning in Noise-Affected Robot Navigation Tasks
Lutz Frommberger

64 - Path Planning and Motion Coordination for Compact Vehicle-Formations
Martin Saska, Martin Hess, Klaus Schilling

76 - A framework to remote operate real robots
Luis Moniz, Paulo Urbano

125 - Heuristic Q-Learning Soccer Players: a new Reinforcement Learning approach to RoboCup Simulation
Luiz Celiberto Jr, Jackson Matsuura, Reinaldo Bianchi

165 - Low-Cost System for Object Positioning Through Laser-Camera Triangulation
Ana Rufino Ferreira, António Moreira, Paulo Costa

168 - Towards long-term visual learning of object categories in human-robot interaction
Luis Seabra Lopes, Aneesh Chauhan, João Silva

170 - Efficient Robotics using the Lego NXT Platform and .NET
Rui Guedes, Luis Reis, Armando Sousa

171 - Human Robot Interaction based on Bayesian Analysis of Human Movements
Joerg Rett, Jorge Dias

195 - Simulation Meets Reality: A Cooperative Approach to RoboCup’s Physical Visualization Soccer League
Ricardo Gimenes, Luis Mota, Nuno Lau, João Certo, Luis Reis

198 - Understanding Dynamic Agents Reasoning
Nuno Lau, Luis Reis, João Certo

214 - Self-configuration of an Adaptive TDMA wireless communication protocol for teams of mobile robots
Frederico Santos, Gustavo Currente, Luis Almeida, Nuno Lau, Luis Seabra Lopes

4th Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications

10 - Decision Making with Hybrid Models: the Case of Collective and Individual Motivations
Paulo Trigo, Helder Coelho

28 - Implementing an Agent Following MicroCredit Practices for a Competitive Supply Chain Management Environment
Pedro Abreu, Pedro Mendes, Daniel Silva, Vasco Vinhas

35 - Convergence of independent adaptive learners
Francisco Melo, Manuel Lopes

50 - Multi-agent Learning: How to Interact to Improve Collective Results
Pedro Rafael, João Neto

52 - A Basis for an Exchange Value-based Operational Notion of Morality for Multiagent Systems
Antonio Costa, Graçaliz Dimuro

119 - e-Citizen interacting with virtual government institutions
Jose Luiz Nogueira, Luis Correia, Ana Cristina Garcia

127 - A Probabilistic Agent to support Collaboration in a Medical Learning Environment
Elisa Boff, Rosa Vicari, Cecília Flores, Eliseo Reategui

187 - Intelligent Farmer Agent for Multi-Agent Ecological Simulations Optimization
Filipe Cruz, António Pereira, Pedro Valente, Pedro Duarte, Luís Reis

191 - Tax Compliance through MABS: the Case of Indirect Taxes
Luís Antunes, João Balsa, Helder Coelho

211 - Multi-Level, Functional, Spatial and Temporal Agent’s Reasoning Debugging
Nuno Lau, Luis Reis, João Certo

Workshop on Search Techniques for Constraint Satisfaction

59 - A Generalized Two-watched-literal Scheme in a mixed Boolean and Non-linear Arithmetic Constraint Solver
Tino Teige, Christian Herde, Martin Fränzle, Natalia Kalinnik, Andreas Eggers

83 - Pruning by Dominance: A Case Study of Best-First Search applied to the Job Shop Scheduling with Makespan Minimization
María Sierra, Ramiro Varela

197 - Efficient and Tight Upper Bounds for Haplotype Inference by Pure Parsimony using Delayed Haplotype Selection
João Marques-Silva, Inês Lynce, Ana Graça, Arlindo Oliveira

189 - Mapping characteristics of instances to Evolutionary Algorithm operators: an empirical study on the basic Job-shop scheduling problem
Pedro Abreu, Carlos Soares

207 - GRASPER: A framework for graph constraint satisfaction problems
Ruben Viegas, Francisco Azevedo

2nd Workshop on Text Mining and Applications

14 - Combining Approaches for Classifying Metonymy of Named Locations
Sven Hartrumpf, Johannes Leveling

42 - Neuro-Symbolic Word Tagging
Nuno Cavalheiro Marques, Sebastian Bader, Vitor Rocio, Steffen Hölldobler

51 - Text Segmentation Using Context Overlap
Radim Rehurek

71 - Mining Classical Music Scores for Epoch Classification
Alberto Simões, Anália Lourenço, José Almeida

75 - Automatic Extraction of Definitions in Portuguese: A Rule-Based Approach
Rosa del Gaudio, António Branco

77 - Semantic Tagging and Summarization for Searching People on the Web
Horacio Saggion

89 - Choosing a Hierarchical Cluster Labelling Method for a Specific Domain Document Collection
Maria Moura, Solange Rezende

94 - Language Identification in Documents, Including Unknown Languages: a Statistical Approach
Joaquim Silva, José Lopes, José Reis, João Mexia

109 - N-grams and morphological normalization in text classification: a comparison on a Croatian-English parallel corpus
Artur Silic, Jean-Hugues Chauchat, Bojana Dalbelo Basic, Annie Morin

115 - SCORES: Summarizer using Combination and Reduction of Extracted Sequences
Tenneti Tejaswi, Gautam Parai, Pranip Borah, Saurav Shah, Sudip Sanyal

116 - Detection of Strange and Wrong Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging
Vitor Rocio, Joaquim Silva, José Lopes

121 - A CBR Approach for e-Learning Content Categorization and Retrieval
Luis Rodrigues, Bruno Antunes, Paulo Gomes, Arnaldo Santos, Jacinto Barbeira, Rafael Carvalho

142 - Discovering Co-Relations on Research Topics and Authors from the PubMed Database
Pedro Ferreira, Giovani Librelotto, Ronnie Alves

160 - New Techniques for Relevant Word Ranking and Extraction
João Ventura, Joaquim Silva

161 - Clarification Dialogs: a tool for Question Answering disambiguation
Luis Quintano, Irene Rodrigues